European Academy of Early Education

Facts and Figures

*If you choose to pay with credit card, there will be an additional bank fee (Visa/MC-2.5% & AmEx-4%)

Reservation/Materials Fee

Deposit and Terms
A reservation deposit of $1,000 per student is due with the Enrollment Agreement and must be received for your
agreement to be executed. The reservation deposit will be credited toward the Materials Fee for the year.

The Materials Fee covers a number of expenses incurred throughout the academic year, including: art supplies, facilities
fees, student activities, and miscellaneous supplies. Tuition and fees are due according to the terms agreed upon in the
Enrollment Agreement—2023/2024 School Year.

An additional one-time capital and technology fee of $500 is assessed for all first grade students and is due on or before July 1st, 2023.

Upon receipt of the reservation deposit and signed Enrollment Agreement, parents are obligated to fulfill the terms and
conditions of the contract.

Tuition Insurance Refund and Credit Plan
A Tuition Insurance Credit and Refund Plan is available. This plan allows for the reimbursement of a minimum of 40% of
the unused tuition in the event a student leaves, for any reason. The remaining balance is the financial obligation of the
parents or legal guardians and is payable to the school at the time of withdrawal or dismissal. The cost of the Tuition
Insurance Refund and Credit Plan is 3% of the applicable tuition due.

Miscellaneous Expenses
For new students enrolling at EAEE, a one-time $200 registration fee is charged. A bookkeeping charge is applied if choosing payment plan Option B or C. School uniforms are required for all students and are purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store or Children’s World. Some class field trips require an entrance fee.

Three payment plan options are available: (A) 1 installment, (B) 2 installments, and (C) 10 monthly installments. Bookkeeping fees apply for options B and C.